Innovating Infrastructure.

We are Geosource: the premier geoexchange solutions provider with an unblemished track record of system performance.

Built on trust, built on reputation, we are Geosource.

The Power of Geoexchange

With every loop we install, our impact grows. Every year, our systems offset energy consumption, carbon emissions and water usage equivalent to:

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Energy Savings:

5.8 Million 20 Minute Hot Showers
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Carbon Savings:

1,400 Standard Passenger Vehicles Off The Road
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Water Savings:

2.6 Million Loads of Laundry

We Know Rock

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and superior client servicing, helping our partners achieve exceptional long-term operational cost savings while meeting their low carbon goals.

Specializing in the implementation of on-site renewable geothermal energy for the past 18 years, we have enabled over 350 buildings to improve energy performance and lower carbon emissions.

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More Than Just Drilling Experts…

As demand for geoexchange technology grows, so do we. Our unique position in the market allows us to offer a variety of service offerings, including utility financing arrangements, which helps mitigate the financial barriers to adoption of geoexchange technology.

We’ve tailored our service offerings to meet our clients where they are. With our unique ‘a-la-carte’ services our partners get to decide how they engage with us, resting assured that our field tested, meticulous and disciplined construction methods remain at the core of everything we do.

Here’s what we do:

Notable Projects

Nordic Condos - Building
Image courtesy of CollecDev

Nordic Condos

Toronto, Ontario


86 boreholes to 850’

MURB Condo

3,450 tonnes of CO2e reduced annually

Convocation Hall - UofT
Image courtesy of iStock
University of Toronto

King’s College Circle

Toronto, Ontario


374 boreholes to 800’


15,000 tonnes of CO2e reduced annually

Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital Building
Image courtesy of PCL/Marco
Corner Brook Health Partnership

Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital

Corner Brook, Newfoundland


375 boreholes to 600’


15,800 tonnes of CO2e reduced annually