Geosource Presents: The Drilldown - Masterclass in Geothermal Energy

Join us in learning more about geothermal utilities and their role in the growing GTA condo market. Hear from an engineer, a condo developer, a building sustainability expert, a construction leader & a property manager on how the integration of geothermal utilities have changed the space, including critical paths to success and areas for growth.

This webinar was co-convened by Geosource Energy Inc. with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) on April 20th, 2021.

The Canadian building sector is being called upon to step up its efforts to decrease carbon emissions. Cities such as Vancouver and Toronto have established green building frameworks which aim to reach zero emission buildings by 2030. To meet these goals, renewable heating and cooling solutions like geothermal will need to be implemented.

This expert panel brought together key stakeholders to discuss critical topics related to the implementation of geothermal heating and cooling. We hope that by having these conversations with individuals involved throughout the design, construction, and operation of green buildings, we can break down barriers to the implementation of critical low-carbon technologies like geothermal.

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Hear from key stakeholders in the construction ecosystem who are readily adopting & managing geothermal systems within their portfolios;
  • Learn how to optimize implementation and integration of geothermal energy systems; and
  • Hear about success factors/lessons learned and how working with a geothermal system differs from a business-as-usual HVAC solution.