EDCO 2022: Understanding the Business Case for Geo-Exchange

Originally presented at the Economic Development Council of Ontario's (EDCO) 2022 conference, this session covers the basics of geo-exchange and how it can be leveraged municipally to foster economic development & growth.

Access to affordable & reliable energy is critical to the economic development process; and as many municipalities introduce net-zero goals, it'll also be critical that all forms of energy are low or zero carbon. Given that nearly one quarter of Ontario's GHG emissions originate from buildings (namely, heating) - finding a scalable & decarbonized heating solution will be required to reach Canada's ambitious net-zero goals. We strongly believe that geo-exchange can be leveraged across the province to meet our climate goals, while simultaneously supporting economic development goals.

This session discusses what geo-exchange is, how it works & why it's relevant to the economic development community. Tune in to hear from the following experts:

  • John Matthiesen, President & Chair of Future Energy Oakville;
  • Sean McCaughan, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at Oakville Enterprises Corporation (OEC);
  • Dave Cano, Energy Solutions Manager at the Town of Oakville; and
  • Darynne Hagen, Development Manager at Geosource Energy.