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The Ready Project.

For almost 20 years, Geosource Energy has been at the leading edge of technical innovation and construction of closed loop geoexchange systems (GX) in the country. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries, knowing that there was a better way, is what has brought us here today. There is an essentially untapped source of renewable heating & cooling potential right below our feet; if only we are ready to access it.

Our Objective

To prepare our region for the accelerated
adoption of geoexchange systems.

This is a special time, where it is becoming clear that GX technology is central to advancing low carbon heating and cooling energy systems. GX technology lives in the confluence point of where social benefits intersect with environmental objectives and economic opportunity, making it an excellent addition to any project.

As heightened public awareness and persuasive governance is creating an increasing demand for GX, it is critical that all stakeholders have the education, network and confidence to most effectively implement GX. By creating a well-educated community, we can construct the most reliable, sustainable and healthy heating and cooling solutions for our built environment.

For this reason, Geosource Energy has developed The Ready Project – our contribution to educate and assist in the accelerated adoption of GX energy within our region and beyond.

Via webinars, blogs, articles, convenings and candid discussion, we will guide and connect our audience to our partners, stakeholders, decision makers and thought leaders. This will inform the highest technical know-how and generate conversation and actionable pathways to prepare our region for the widespread adoption of GX, ultimately leading us into a zero-carbon future.

The Ready Project aims to bridge the skills gap and build capacity in industry by expanding the knowledge of key stakeholders to create greater understanding of GX techniques and approach to implementation. This will facilitate more informed decisions that lead to cost-savings and equitable access to low carbon heating and cooling for healthier buildings. We hope to inform policy makers, helping them make the most educated decisions that create value for their communities, assist in lowering GHGs, and open new avenues for renewable energy.

Please join us on our journey of discovery, critical debate, and education to surface everything we need to know to create the most reliable, resilient and healthy heating and cooling systems for our future communities.

OK, now - get ready…

Coming Fall 2021.

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